ELGA (Electronic Health Records)

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ELGA is an information system that simplifies the process of accessing patients’ health records for citizens and their doctors, as well as other health care professionals at hospitals, care facilities and pharmacies in Austria. The IS has been gradually rolled out since 2015 and allows health care providers to re-use data. Patients do not need to re-enter health data as these can be consulted through ELGA.

How does it work?

Health data such as a patient’s test results for example are generated by a variety of health institutions. ELGA connects all of them and makes them available digitally. Austrian citizens can therefore manage their most important health data through one single point of access. Citizens can access their personal ELGA records online via the ELGA portal at ‚www.gesundheit.gv.at‘ by registering using their digital signature or electronic identification card. This electronic ID enables the system to verify the citizen’s identity.

Citizens can view, print or save their ELGA test results and e-medication overview giving them transparent insights into all of their data and who can access them. Hospitals and care institutions have rapid access to important diagnostic and therapeutic information, which makes patient care faster and more reliable. It also enables the patient‘s pharmacy to see his e-medication record for a period of two hours.

The ELGA digital health record system makes a valuable contribution to improved patient safety and security.

What are the benefits and challenges?

The aim is to supplement medical treatments and consultation with improved information flows, particularly when several health service providers are working together. ELGA saves time, provides a better overview and avoids unnecessary multiple examinations.

The data that is being shared through ELGA is very sensitive in nature and needs to be protected by very high data standards. The various different health care providers and citizens need to be able to access ELGA, which increases the need for interoperable information systems.

For further information visit: https://www.elga.gv.at/index.html and watch the official info video below! 


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