Long-Term Vision for Implementation

The Stakeholder Community: Once-Only Principle for Citizens (SCCOP4C) aims at mapping out a long-term vision for the implementation and application of the OOP in Europe.

Roadmap for Future Actions

Moreover, the stakeholder community shall supply best-practice cases, inform and influence the Roadmap for future areas of actions and policy recommendations on the OOP – a key output of the SCOOP4C project.

Exchange Ideas and Experience

Finally, the community shall provide a suitable and sustainable environment for stakeholders to exchange new ideas and their experience on the OOP.

Latest Forum Posts

  • Stakeholder workshop 31th May in Tallinn @ eGovernance Conference:
    At the 31th May SCOOP4C organized a thematic workshop with the focus how the OOP can reduce administrative burden. It was part of the eGovernance Conference in Tallinn that took place from 30-31th May 2017, organized by our partner e-Governance Academy. The second day of the eGovernance conference was started with a presentation on the Once-Only principle in room ALPHA, the main conference hall. Several questions have been discussed during the workshop:  How to reduce the administrative burden and implement OOP? How to break down the existing legislative, organizational and technological barriers, which hinder citizens, public administrations, and businesses from fully benefiting from OOP…
  • Initial OOP case template (Excel version)
    Here you can find the initial version of template developed by SCOOP4C for collecting OOP cases from different countries, as well as cross-border OOP cases. The template is currently only available in Excel, but it will soon be made available as a web form on the SCOOP4C website. Please fill in as much information as possible. However, don't feel compelled to cover everything, if you don't have the information at your disposal. Instead, please focus on pointing out different OOP cases that you are aware of. We aim at collecting as many OOP cases as possible in order to eventually identify best-practice cases. Moreover, please contribute ideas and suggestions for improving the template…
  • Community membership roles
    There are two types of community members: Antennas and Members of the Stakeholder Forum. Both roles should contribute to the project's objectives by Helping to identify and share existing good practices of once-only implementations for citizens Helping to identify and discuss relevant concepts to help overcome challenges and meet the needs for implementing the once-only principle for citizens Contributing to the community building, and engaging in discussions relevant to the once-only principle diffusion across Europe Contributing to the discussions, definition, and approval of a stakeholder engagement plan related to the transformation of governments towards the once-only principle for…

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