Birth Registration and Family Allowance (ALF)

  • - Ongoing


In the past, parents had to go to six different public agencies to carry out their duties and to be entitled to receive family allowance. Since the 1st of May 2015 the new once-only process is implemented. In this procedure, nine public services are integrated so that the parents have to visit only the Civil Registry Office and have to bring along (standard-case parents) no evidences except their personal identification (passport or personal ID card). In some cases (lager local authorities), registry offices have even subsidiaries in hospitals so that the parents can do the whole procedure in the hospital. 

In case of birth, parents are getting the family allowance automatically without any further applications to fill out. They just need to go to the Civil Registry Office once. The data of the citizens are stored in a couple of interacting registers, such as, central civil register (ZPR), central citizenship register (ZSR) and central residence register (ZMR), where the government, in permission of the citizens, are allowed to use them. Within this process the Social Security Card (e-Card) will also be automatically send to the parents. Through the implementation of the "once only", parents are getting their family allowance faster and having less administrative burden.

The Procedures are simplified, less cumbersome and more convenient, since the Civil Registry Office forwards the parents' and child's data to the social insurance and tax authority and these agencies deliver their respective services to the parents automatically. There is also a higher satisfaction of parents since they receive the family allowance through proactive service provisioning (non-stop-service).

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