13 Feb 2019
Our team is inviting you to participate in the questionnaires and contribute to the roadmap and policy recommendations of SCOOP4C project. Your input is important and greatly appreciated! 
30 Jan 2019
The stakeholder workshop dedicated to cross-border OOP in Public Services in Galicia and North of Portugal will take place in Braga, Portugal on March 11th, 2019.
5 Oct 2018
'The Once-Only Principle for Europe' Conference co-hosted by SCOOP4C and TOOP, took place on 24-25 September in Vienna, Austria - read here to find out more!
17 Sep 2018
If you want to know where the once-only principle is in use around Europe, check out our project map.
6 Aug 2018
Portuguese citizens can now sign documents electronically using a smartphone app through the Digital Mobile Key (Chave Móvel Digital). This new feature was announced end of June 2018 by Portugal's Agency for Administrative Modernisation (Agência para a Modernização Administrativa, AMA), which