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ELGA is an information system that simplifies the process of accessing the health records for the patient and the doctors, as well as other health care professionals at hospitals, care facilities and pharmacies.
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ELGA networks all of them and makes them available digitally by means of a link. The doctor as well as the patient can access the records from any location, whenever they want - simply and securely. The aim is to supplement medical treatments and consultation with improved information flow, particularly when several health service providers are working together.
Short summary
ELGA is an information system providing references to health data of ELGA participants. This means that health data are not stored centrally, but just the information that the respective health data are available and can be accessed by authorised health service providers (general practitioners, hospitals, laboratories etc.).
This makes information available to doctors for optimum treatment and double or even multiple examinations can be avoided.
Part of ELGA will be e-medication. Prescribed and obtained medicine is recorded in order to detect and prevent contraindications (interactions between several drugs taken) as well as double prescriptions.
ELGA thus mainly aims at the patients’ safety and the improvement in treatment quality. Moreover, ELGA makes it possible for patients to access their own data.
ELGA is a joint project of the Federal government, the provinces and Austrian social insurance.
All natural persons known to Austrian social insurance who have not rejected ELGA participation take part in ELGA, irrespective of citizenship and residence.
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Data protection and privacy
ELGA data can generally be accessed by health service providers and ELGA participants themselves. Access to ELGA data is subject to the strictest access restrictions. Abuse results both in administrative fines and criminal charges. Via ELGA data can only be accessed if an ELGA participant is in treatment by a health service provider and the ELGA participant does not object. This means that a health service provider only has access to ELGA data if there is no objection from the patient and the e-card of the patient has been used as a “key”.
The highest security standards are in place to safeguard the integrity of the patient's ELGA health data. Communications throughout the entire ELGA system are managed via separate health networks and all data are encrypted. In addition, any misuse of ELGA health data will result in severe penalties.
Trust and transparency
ELGA participants can access their own data at any time using a citizen card function by means of mobile phone signature or e-card at the ELGA access portal and, when doing so, monitor who has accessed what data, control data access, and erase document references so that these will not be available in ELGA any longer.
The ELGA ombudsman offices advise and support ELGA participants in exercising and enforcing their rights in connection with ELGA, as well as in data protection matters.


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Personal data
Patients can access to their personal ELGA records online via the ELGA portal by registering and using the digital signature or the electronic identification card. This electronic ID enables the system to verify the patient's identity.
First it will display discharge notifications, as well as laboratory and radiological results provided by hospitals already working with ELGA. As soon as ELGA health data are generated for the patient, the patient will be able to view them theirself online via the ELGA portal. The system also shows who has accessed the patient's ELGA health records, and when.
Benefits for involved actors
ELGA saves time, provides a better overview and avoids unnecessary multiple examinations. The patient can view, print or save the ELGA test results and e-medication overview. Thanks to ELGA, the doctor is treating the patient's, and hospitals and care institutions will have rapid access to important diagnostic and therapeutic information. It also enables the patient's pharmacy to see the e-medications record for a period of two hours. The ELGA digital health record system makes a valuable contribution to improved patent safety and security. Participation in ELGA, as well as opting out, is free of charge.