Argentinian Integrability Model
Jan 2009 - Ongoing
The Integrability model is a framework for the digital coexistence of computer applications. Based on the e-Estonia developments. Security features of the authentic source are implemented with the X-road security servers.
Austrian Portal Group
The advantage of the portal group concept is that many applications are available from a single entry point.
Belgian Maximum Data Sharing Between Administrations and Agencies (MAGDA)
Feb 2006 - Ongoing
The MAGDA platform is a once-only principle implementation supporting electronic delivery of public services, at the federal, regional, and local levels of the government.
Cross-border Business Registries Interconnection System (BRIS)
Jun 2017 - Ongoing
European Union
The Business Registers Interconnection System (BRIS) infrastructure facilitates the access to information on EU companies for the public and ensures that all EU business registers can communicate to each other electronically in relation to cross-border mergers and foreign branches.
Czech Basic Registers
Jul 2013 - Ongoing
Czech Republic
Basic Registers are a unique solution to centralize and keep actual most common and widely used information, as a part of eGovernment and Smart Administration strategy of Czech government.
Dutch System of Base Registries (Basisregistraties)
The Dutch government has designed a number of registries in which it believes it is possible to store all vital information about citizens, companies and institutions in a centralised manner.
Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information (EESSI)
Jul 2017 - Ongoing
European Union, Belgium
EESSI is an IT system that helps social security institutions across the EU to exchange information more rapidly and securely, as required by the EU rules on social security coordination.
Jan 2015 - Ongoing
Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway, Sweden
EMREX is a solution for electronic transfer of student records between higher education institutions in Europe. The biggest benefit of EMREX is an increased availability, quality and reliability of information about student records of achievement information.
Estonian Catalogue of Public Sector Information (RIHA)
Jun 1998 - Ongoing
The Estonian catalogue of public sector information systems RIHA serves as the national registry of systems, components, services, data models, semantic assets, etc.