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Estonian Digital Prescription
The Prescription Centre is a centralised database with necessary services that provides access for doctors and pharmacies. The main goal of the Centre is to provide access to all prescriptions issued in Estonia so that the medicine can be bought from any pharmacy in Estonia.
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Estonian doctor-doctor-consultation
The doctor-doctor consultation is a possibility between doctors to share information on a medical case. Generally, a family doctor consults a specialist, who estimates the patient`s situation and decides on the priority of a specialist visit.
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Estonian e-Ambulance and time-critical health data
In an emergency, it is very helpful to have quick background information for patient review, especially as the patient is often unconscious. When a person is identified, time-critical data, like information about allergies, can be quickly served from a central database.
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Estonian e-Census
The next, 2020 Population and Housing Census will be different. Estonia is now conducting a register-based census. The census data will be compiled from the data of national registers. About 24 national registers will be included, and they involve data on many fields of life.
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Estonian e-File system
The e-File is an online information system which allows parties to legal proceedings and their representatives to electronically submit documents to courts and to observe the progress of the proceedings related to them.
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Estonian e-Notary
The e-Notary system environment allows notaries to making queries to 16 different registries, i.e. for drawing up and formulating the wording of contracts, forwarding contracts to various registers and monitoring the implementation process of contracts.
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Estonian Education Information System (EHIS)
The Estonian Education Information System is a state register, which unites the databases of the education system into one entity. EHIS creates the possibility for everyone to inspect the performance indicators education institutions.
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Estonian Election Information System
Elections Information System is used for tabulating the voting and election results. The register holds information on polling stations and data related to the general election like electoral districts or candidates.
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Estonian electronic tax filing system (E-Tax)
E-Tax is a system, that allows users to do their tax return in less than 5 minutes. Using a secure ID, a taxpayer logs onto the system, reviews their data in pre-filled forms, makes any necessary changes, and approves the document with a digital signature.
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