General Information

OOP Enabling Infrastructure
SEDIPUALB@ is an e-government platform integrating a set of shared services. Its main goal is the digitisation of the administrative management and procedures of a local organisation and thus the provision of better electronic services.
OOP aspect
The digitisation services offered by SEDIPUALB@ can facilitate secure data exchange among admnistrations for OOP cases.
Short summary
SEDIPUALB@ can manage more than 3000 concurrent users (local government employees) and is being used by more than 100 local government entities (cities, consortium, association of municipalities, etc.) of the province Albacete and more than 90% of the citizens of the same province.
A core feature is the reuse of the shares services of the central government as shown below:
- @FIRMA: digital sign of documents
- @TS: timestamping
- Notific@: management of digital notification for citizens and companies
- CLAVE: management of several types of user authentication
- Public Intermediate Service: allow access to citizens information that other governmental organisations save. The main goal is the implementation of the once only principle
- Archive: fully digital archive of administrative documents and expedients
- INSIDE: creation of compatible electronic expedients (before send to Archive)
- Public Contract Service: uniform and transparent management of public contracts (including electronic tendering)
- FACE: uniform and transparent management of the government invoices
One of the latest goals, is a new system for digital signing using biometric devices.

SEDIPUALB@ complies with the NTI - ENI (National Technical standards for interoperability - National Schema Interoperability) and the National Security Scheme (ENS). The implementation utilises cloud technology and the development was made in Java, .Net and PostgreSQL. All applications are web-based and have adopted responsive web design. Moreover, they are offered free of cost.
Nature and status of project
Rolled Out
Additional remarks
Main features:
- Free of cost for all the users (citizens and local governments)
- Software developed entirely by own staff, promoting the sustainability of the project
- Digitalization of the government-citizen relation utilizing digital certificates or biometric devices
- Web-based applications, operating in cloud mode and implementing responsive web design
- Management of the digital administrative expedients
- Integration with Transparency Portal
- Traceability of all the actions made by users
- Reuse of the shared services provided by de state (central) government


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Actual data
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Province Albacete
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Local public organisations
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