SCOOP4C presented new project developments at ABR Webinar

The Access to Base Registries' (ABR) webinar took place on April 24th, 2018 from 10:30-12:30 CET. The main goals of the webinar were to give an overview of the ABR action which is committed to achieving cross-border and cross-sector interoperability of public services in Europe. Participants were also able to learn about the Solution Architecture Template (SAT) for Base Registries and the European Base Registries Interoperability Framework (EBRIF) conceptual model. 

SCOOP4C presented recent project developments during the ABR webinar. Nearly 500 stakeholders have been identified with approximately 120 community members from 23 EU countries committed to participate in our stakeholder community. Overall SCOOP4C has documented 51 once-only cases and 26 enablers in the knowledge base on the SCOOP4C website. SCOOP4C has also held several stakeholder workshops across the EU, e.g. the next workshop is coming up on April 26th in Brussels and will focus on privacy and data protection issues surrounding the once-only principle. Michaela Führer (SCOOP4C) gave an overview on current cases from each identified domain (health, education, taxation, social protection, and demography & population) as well as enablers from different EU Member States (Secure Data Exchange, eID and Trust Services, Network Infrastructure, Interoperability Governance, Interoperability Assets, Catalogue). She especially focused on the best practice case Studielink, the single point of access for students to manage higher education enrolment data in the Netherlands. The project has also developed stakeholder maps in order to systematically identify stakeholders relevant to the implementation of the once-only principle across EU Member States. Ms. Führer introduced the indiviual types of stakeholders and their respective roles in the implementation process. 

The presentation concluded with next steps of the project. SCOOP4C will continue to work on a strategic engagement plan and gap analysis report of challenges, needs and benefits of once-only for citizens. In the upcoming months, the project will develop a project map for the website in order to visualize the knowledge base and provide better access to the contact information of other once-only experts. This will ensure to sustain the stakeholder community after the project runtime has ended. Further dissemination events are also planned such as the Once-Only Principle for Europe Conference in Vienna in collaboration with TOOP on September 24th-25th, 2018. SCOOP4C will also be present at the SEMIC conference, the annual semantic interoperability conference, which will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 14 June 2018. The event is organised by the ISA² Programme of the European Commission in collaboration with the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU. To ensure the future implementation of the once-only principle, the project will also develop a policy brief and a roadmap of future areas of actions. 

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