Portugal's Digital mobile key lets citizens sign documents using a smartphone app

Portuguese citizens can now sign documents electronically using a smartphone app through the Digital Mobile Key (Chave Móvel Digital). This new feature was announced end of June 2018 by Portugal's Agency for Administrative Modernisation (Agência para a Modernização Administrativa, AMA), which developed the mobile authentication solution. 

Citizens can sign important documents using their eID smartcard in Portugal (the Digital Mobile Key was first announced in 2014). The new solution lets citizens use the authentication process in situations they do not have their eID card or smartcard reader available. The mobile phone software works through a user-defined PIN code and a temporary security code sent by SMS or e-mail. To start using the new functionality, users have to activate it online or by visiting one of the over 580 Espaços do Cidadão (“Citizen Spots”).

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