The Deliverable D 3.1 presents the SCOOP4C Knowledge Base and Community Forum, two features necessary for the project’s success that are by now fully available and embedded into the SCOOP4C website. The Knowledge Base offers a set of tools for collaboration and dissemination of project results, chief among which is the OOP database. In this database, the SCOOP4C project team with the support of stakeholders has collected structured information on OOP cases from different countries and domain areas. The Community Forum is directly embedded into the SCOOP4C website and developed based on the content management system Drupal 8. It allows easy exchange of information, upload of files, commenting, and following of topics of interest. Both solutions, the Knowledge Base and the Community Forum, serve not only as effective collaboration tools, but also provide a powerful means of community engagement.

Submitted to the Commission: 10.08.2017

Language: EN

Internal document, restricted to the consortium