8 Jun 2017
SCOOP4C goes beyond Europe: The project organizes a panel at the 18th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research: dg.o that has the theme: "Innovations and Transformations in Government." The panel will discuss the two projects TOOP and SCOOP4C, but also barriers, benefits, the technical architecture, enablers and next steps of the implementation of the once-only principle. In the vision of the once-only principle businesses and citizens have to supply information only once to a public administration and these information is shared amongst them.
1 May 2017

The e-Governance Academy is organizing its eGovernance Conference in Tallinn that will take place from 30-31th May 2017. It is an interesting place for e-Governance experts, decision makers, donors and civil society groups. They will discuss how to transfer e-governance knowledge and expertise between countries. One of the subjects is the once-only principle (OOP) that aims at collecting information from citizens and businesses only once and sharing this information among different government institution to avoid duplication in the future.

13 Mar 2017
The first thematic SCOOP4C workshop titled "Ensuring comprehensive coverage in the collection of Once-Only Principle (OOP) cases" took place on Tuesday, 14 March 2017 in Brussels. 25 practitioners of national or regional public administrations discussed their experience applying the once-only principle.
23 Feb 2017
On 23 February, OOP projects SCOOP4C and TOOP held a joint session about Once-Only at the IRIS conference 2017 in Salzburg. The project partners discussed several approaches to OOP.