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Spanish E-Government Platform SEDIPUALB@
SEDIPUALB@ is an e-government platform integrating a set of shared services. Its main goal is the digitisation of the administrative management and procedures of a local organisation and thus the provision of better electronic services.
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German XAusländer
XAusländer describes a standardised data exchange format based on XML. It includes the data concerning all aspects of foreign nationals exchanged between local foreign affairs offices and communication partners.
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Spanish Service provider of data (SPD)
SPD is the data transmitter application for the Aragon region in Spain. It provides services to other platforms, such as the platform intermediation MINHAP. Currently, it puts at the disposal of administrations data of disability.
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European Criminal Records Information Services (ECRIS)
ECRIS provides an infrastructure interconnecting the EU Member States' registries of criminal records, allowing them to exchange information on convictions with one another.
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Greek Public Key Infrastructure
Greek Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) provides the necessary infrastructure for the creation and use of digital signatures in Greece.
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Spanish Network system records (SIR)
SIR is a basic infrastructure that allows the exchange of electronic registry entries among public administrations.
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Spanish Interoperability interface of the Basque government (IDI)
The Interoperability interface of the Basque government (IDI) enables the integration of data and certificates obtained through interoperability in the simplest possible way.
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Spanish network Red SARA
Red SARA is a set of telecommunications infrastructure and basic common services (such as e-signature validation, verification of identity and residence data, e-notification) for the interconnection and the interoperability of all the Spanish Public Administration networks.
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Irish Personal Public Service Number
The Personal Public Service Number (PPS number) is a unique reference number that helps access social welfare benefits, public services and information in Ireland.
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