The Once-Only Principle for Europe Conference in Vienna, Austria in September 2018!

Tue, 15 May 2018

In September, the second event devoted exclusively to the once-only principle (OOP) will take place in Vienna, Austria. It is co-hosted by SCOOP4C and TOOP. 

The event will host speakers from the European Commission, experts from TOOP and SCOOP4C projects as well as a range of stakeholders, including representatives of the countries, which are already working on the initial implementation of the OOP. During the first day of the conference, SCOOP4C and TOOP will present the main achievements of the projects; conference participants will be able to participate in a world café session and discuss the most relevant topics concerning the impact of the OOP on the Digital Single Market. 

The second day will focus on high-level discussions of the OOP environment in the European Union. Relations to the Single Digital Gateway Regulation and the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation will be discussed. A number of case studies of OOP implementation within and outside of the EU will also be presented, followed by a panel discussion on the impact of OOP in the EU. 

The aim of the conference is to promote the once-only principle, present the achievements of the projects and explain how the implementation of the principle will benefit to all participants of the European Digital Single Market. The core idea of the OOP is that e-service users will be providing data to public administrations only once. The data then is safely stored and exchanged between various authorities in different countries, resulting in streamlined provision of digital public services across borders. This will make life of European businesses and citizens easier, as well as reduce costs for public administrations.

The event is co-organised by SCOOP4C and TOOP, which are striving to explore and demonstrate the once-only principle across borders from two perspectives: businesses and public administrations (TOOP) as well as European citizens (SCOOP4C).

Time and Location

Date: 24th+25th September 2018
Venue: Austrian Federal Computing Centre, Vienna, Austria


Conference participation is free of charge, but registration is required. 

To register to the conference, please visit:

Preliminary Agenda

September 24th, 12:00-17:30 



Welcome coffee & exhibition


Welcome and Opening by European Commission and Project Directors

Serge Novaretti, European Commission 

Maria A. Wimmer, SCOOP4C Project Director

Robert Krimmer, TOOP Project Director 


SCOOP4C presentation


TOOP presentation



Coffee break


World café session


Wrap-up & closing the first day of the conference


Social event (invitation only) 

September 25th, 09:00-09:30


Welcome coffee & exhibition


Keynote speech 


Single Digital Gateway Regulation 


Impact of the General Data Protection Regulation on OOP 


Coffee break 


Cross-border implementation of OOP in Europe 


Implementation of OOP in Latin America

Panel discussion on the impact of the once-only principle on end users and public administrations in the EU 


SCOOP4C stakeholder community handover to TOOP


Wrap-up and closing of the OOP conference


Lunch and networking