Mission of the Stakeholder Community

The heart of this project is the Stakeholder Community of researchers and practitioners of the Once-Only Principle (OOP), which will advance the discussion about the OOP and contribute to effective knowledge transfer, knowledge sharing, and development of future solutions. We have defined the following three-fold mission for the work of the Stakeholder Community:

  1. The Stakeholder Community: Once-Only Principle for Citizens (SCOOP4C) aims at mapping out a long-term vision for the implementation and application of the OOP in Europe.

  2. Moreover, the stakeholder community shall supply best-practice cases, inform and influence the Roadmap for future areas of actions and policy recommendations on the OOP – a key output of the SCOOP4C project.

  3. Finally, the community shall provide a suitable and sustainable environment for stakeholders to exchange new ideas and their experience on the OOP.