Roadmap for once-only in Spain: Workshop on July 5th+6th in Madrid, Spain

Mon, 7 May 2018

We are organizing a stakeholder workshop in Madrid, Spain on July 5th+6th about the future potential for the implementation of the once-only principle in Spain. It is organised in cooperation with the Spanish Ministry of Finance and Public Function and the National Institute of Public Administration (INAP).

The workshop aims at informing about the once-only principle, current OOP projects and presenting current OOP enablers and cases in Spain. The workshop will connect various stakeholders to discuss major enablers and concerns about future cross-border OOP services. 

We would like to invite representatives from public administrations, civil society organisations, privacy advocates, and academia on the implementation of the OOP. 

Time and Location

Date: 5th+6th July 2018
Venue: The Main Classroom ('Aula Magna') of INAP, the municipal administration office in Madrid; 106, Calle de Atocha, 28012 Madrid, Spain


To register, please contact us here or directly via email.


You can find all presentations of the different speakers in our section "Presentations and Publications" in the section Project Materials on our website.



July 5th, 13:30-17:30

Session 1: Opening and introduction to the once-only principle (Moderation: Prof. Dr. Maria A. Wimmer)


Welcome note

Ms. Fátima Mínguez, Adviser to the Direction of INAP


Once-only as means of administrative simplification in Spain

Mr. Miguel A. Amutio Gomez, Deputy Head of Unit of Coordination of ICT Units, Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function


The once-only principle: European Initiatives and current results of SCOOP4C and TOOP

Prof. Dr. Maria A. Wimmer, project coordinator SCOOP4C 

Dr. Alexandrs Cepilovs, deputy project manager TOOP


Discussion of the OOP implementations in Europe and the OOP vision of SCOOP4C 


Lunch break

Session 2: Roadmap of actions for cross-border OOP implementation


Interactive session with group works on cross-border topics

Presentation and discussion of the results from the interactive session


Wrap-up of the first workshop day

Prof. Dr. Maria A. Wimmer, project coordinator SCOOP4C


End of the first day

July 6th, 09:00-13:00

Session 3: How well is Spain prepared for cross-border OOP services? 


Welcome note from the General Secretary for Digital Administration

Mr. Domingo J. Molina Moscoso, General Secretary for Digital Administration, Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function


Presentations from Spain - Data intermediation platform

Mr. Jose Antonio Eusamio Mazagatos, Head of Unit: Planning & Technical Projects,  Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function


Connection of Spain to TOOP Architecture

Mr. Alexandrs Cepilovs, deputy project manager TOOP


Panel discussion: How well prepared is Spain for cross- border OOP services?

Moderator: Mr. José Luis San Martín, Director of Data Bank Department, Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas 

Panellists: Mr. Jose Antonio Eusamio Mazagatos, Mr. Iván Martínez Ortiz (CRUE), Prof. Dr. Maria A. Wimmer, Mr. Alexandrs Cepilovs, (others tbc)


Coffee break 

Session 4: Implementing cross-border OOP in Spain: Roadmap actions in Spain


Group discussions on roadmap actions in Spain for implementing OOP cross-border


Reporting back in plenary


Wrap-up and next steps, Prof. Dr. Maria A. Wimmer, project coordinator SCOOP4C 


End of the SCOOP4C workshop