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The European Civil Registry Network initiative provides an interconnecting infrastructure to enable the exchange of information about civil acts (birth, death, marriage, divorce) across the EU.
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The ECRN project has developed the ECR Platform – the infrastructure among the Civil Acts Registries of National Administrations, to ensure the safe and certified transmission of Civil Act (birth, death, and marriage) certificates exchanged among the local administrations of the EU Member States.
It helps to solve the migration problems, due to the growing number of European citizens living in countries different from their countries of origin. The cooperation regarding the Civil Acts has today become a high priority for National administrations. Adopting the ECR Platform is an advantage step for better eServices for the EU citizens. With ECRN a certificate can be obtained from a country's Civil Status Registry without moving from one country to another – ECRN allows the Civil Status Registry office of an EU Member State to request that specific certificate directly from its counterpart. Obtaining a certificate from one Member State to another will take 2-3 working days through a web platform rather than 2-3 months via ordinary mail; and with regards to security issues, the certified and secure web platform guarantees the exchange of an authentic Civil Registry certificate.
The pilot started with four pilot sites in four different countries (Italy, Belgium Germany and the Nederlands).
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