The Deliverable 3.2 aims at reviewing the means for community management within the SCOOP4C project after one year of utilisation. This review is based on the mission, scope, and roles of the stakeholder community that were defined at the project’s outset. Moreover, the project team explains the tools of community management and reviews their suitability. Finally, SCOOP4C provides an overview of the activities, outputs and results of the community management efforts during the first project year. The community initialisation was achieved with an official community kick-off in March 2017, during a workshop in Brussels. For growing and sustaining the community, potential new members are continuously identified and approached, based on the principle “go where the stakeholders are”. This resulted in nearly 90 stakeholders being successfully engaged and joining the SCOOP4C community.

Submitted to the Commission: 07.11.2017

Language: EN

Internal document, restricted to the consortium