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United Kingdom's Tell Us Once project
The Tell Us Once program (TUO) is a cross-government service that makes it possible for people to inform a government just once of a birth or death.
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United Kingdom's Making Tax Digital (MTD)
Making Tax Digital is a key part of the government’s plans to make it easier for individuals and businesses to get their tax right easily. Individuals do not have to give information that the administration already has.
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United Kingdom Universities and Colleges Admissions System (UCAS)
In order to apply to university, students must submit a single application via UCAS' online application service. Candidate students can apply for up to five university courses by a single online application.
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Spanish Via Oberta
Via Oberta facilitates the transmission of electronic data and documents of Catalan citizens and businesses among public entities across Spain.
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Spanish verification system and data query (EPS)
EPS allows the verification and consultation of identity data, disability and residence data and consultation of the flow of payment with government institutions.
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Spanish Interoperability node of the Spanish University System (NISUE)
NISUE has been developed for the electronic interchange of academic data among Spanish universities as well as between national and European organisations that use academic data in order to provide better electronic services.
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Spanish address change service
This service is a single process, where the updated address is communicated to important agencies of the administration.
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Slovenian e-Health (eZdravje)
The Slovenian eZdravje project aims to integrate existing fragmented Health Information Systems into a complete solution that benefits all stakeholders.
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Portuguese Levantamento Geral de Dados da FMUP (LGDF)
The university of FMUP has implemented a web-based interface for data insertion of its staff. The data of about 300 staff gets neatly organized in the system. It is then easily worked on and the information is organized according to requirements of different services.
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