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Austria's FinanzOnline service
FinanzOnline facilitates the access to the Austrian tax administration for citizens and businesses as well as for the public administration.
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Austrian birth registration and family allowance (ALF)
Automatic Family Allowances without Application (ALF) is a no-stop-shop solution for parents with which family allowances for new-born children are paid out automatically. Filling in forms or a visiting the tax office is no longer necessary.
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Austrian electronic health records (ELGA)
ELGA is an information system that simplifies the process of accessing the health records for the patient and the doctors, as well as other health care professionals at hospitals, care facilities and pharmacies.
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Bulgarian Guide for Administrative Assistance and Awareness (GAAA)
The GAAA converts the citizens and business from buyers of administrative services into individuals and companies with problems, which can be solved by the administrations by provisioning of administrative services.
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Bulgarian National Council on Prices and Reimbursement of Medicinal Products
Pursuant to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria, National Council on Prices and Reimbursement of Medicinal Products (NCPRMP) regulates and registers the prices of medicinal products (MP) by carrying checks in 17 reference member-states.
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Cross-border solution
Transporting heavy and oversize-load transports across borders represent a very serious challenge for people, materials, and logistics. was a cross-border pilot project between Bavaria and Upper Austria with the aim of developing a faster procedure for the application and approval of cross-border large-capacity transports.
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Danish Basic Data Program
The Basic Data Program aims at establishing a government shared registry for data distribution in many different fields. When data is uploaded, public authorities cannot ask users for the same data anymore and have to obtain it from the system itself.
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Estonian Central Health Information System and Patient Portal
The Central Health Information System EHR is a patient-oriented system where patient summaries about every case are collected. Data are visible to all clinicians who treat patients and patients can see their own data and see who have accessed their data.
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Estonian Consumer Service Environment Data System
The Consumer Service Environmental Information System is a system, where public servants deal with the acomplaints from consumers and the scheduled inspection operations. Consumers can submit complaints through the system and access the archive of their statements.
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